Member Benefits

Member Benefits Continue marketing Fortuna as a desirable place to locate a business or move an existing business. Use FBID website for attracting and informing businesses which are relocating, growing or starting-up. Be intake point for businesses opening or moving to Fortuna. Provide information on resources available to businesses and stay current with local, state and other regulations. Refer businesses to other economic development partners as needed. Provide available commercial property and businesses seeking commercial space. Use our online database to make available property available to public with the resources provided. This can be valuable for business looking to upgrade, purchase a building, downsize or even moving a home based business to an office or retail space. Create an informational brochure to send to ALL the current FBID members. Send recruitment letters to specific businesses that would be appropriate to fill a particular open retail space, office building, wholesale or manufacturing building. Continue to make the FBID’s Bulk Mailing privileges available to all Fortuna businesses

Classes and Seminars Co-produce seminars with: North Coast Small Business Development Center or any other non-profit organizations. Some seminar topics might include speakers from afar, but all businesses in Humboldt County would benefit from them and attendance could potentially be county-wide. Develop new classes that affect underserved businesses. Possible topics: What Every Business Should Know, Human Resources and Fraud, The Business Case for Going Green, Growing Your Business, Exit Strategies, etc.

Public Relations The FBID office is the “Public Relations Agency” for the business community of Fortuna. In this role the office communicates with local, regional and national media for the following: Community event information as needed by event committees, Business Briefs, General Business news, Event news. Invites the media to all the events to get as much positive exposure to Fortuna as possible.

Advertising Fortuna Commercials: TV and Radio - FBID will stop running the business friendly ads. Previously FBID created TV commercials that feature over 50 Fortuna Businesses and a similar series that ran on radio featuring another 50 Fortuna Businesses. These commercials were focused on relocating to Fortuna from another city; open/start a business in Fortuna, or businesses that have longevity in Fortuna. At the end of 2011-2012 fiscal years, the FBID board decided to focus on Business Retaining and putting efforts into Fortuna Bucks and shopping locally. Advertise Fortuna’s ‘event season’ as a group in nearby markets such as Redding and other warmer towns close to Humboldt County. Advertise other FBID promotions (i.e. Holiday Movies, business seminars etc…) FBID will continue to work with the Chamber of Commerce Tourism and Marking good to co-promote Fortuna Events.

Newsletter-Mailings Produce 4 quarterly newsletters and/or other mailed publications, mailing to all licensed businesses in Fortuna. Use newsletters and other mailings to inform Fortuna businesses of FBID activities & plans and ask business owners’ opinions on issues related to projects and budgeting. Make electronic version of newsletter available on website.