F.B.I.D. was formed in 1990 by a City ordinance after hard work and study by a group of Fortuna business people and city officials. The district was created with the goals of producing community events, providing music and decoration in public spaces, marketing to fill commercial space and advertising the business community as a whole.

FBID History

The city matches dollar-for-dollar money collected from individual businesses to fund the district's activities. Businesses are assessed a percentage of their business license fee to make up the business half of the budget. Click here to see the 2018-2019 FBID Budget. Assessments are based on how much potential benefit a business type receives from marketing activities.

In addition to the citywide promotion that FBID does , two core areas pay additional assessments and receive funds back to promote their own areas. The Downtown and Redwood Village areas hold retail events and advertise as a group to drive sales in their districts.

The Future

The FBID Board of Directors sets annual goals for the district in our 2018-2019 Workplan. The planning begins in April and continues through May and June. FBID invites business owners to come to as many of the regular or special board meetings on the annual plan as possible. The FBID Board also has an annual meeting in September to report on activities to the membership and collect new ideas from businesses.

Fortuna Business Improvement District is only completely effective with support and new ideas from Fortuna businesses. Every great idea that FBID acts on, from the Fortuna Gift Certificate to the Apple Harvest Festival, has come from a businessperson. Please bring your ideas to the table and help make Fortuna an even better place to do business in the future.

If you are considering becoming part of Fortuna's future by relocating your business or starting your venture in Fortuna, call the FBID office for a consultation. We will be happy to help with location, directing you to other resources and start networking with Fortuna's close-knit business community.