Fortuna Bucks

Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID) will be disbanding the Fortuna Bucks Program effective June 30, 2020. FORTUNA community and community members holding on to Fortuna Bucks, NOW IS YOUR CHANCE TO REDEEM THEM. From October 1st to December 31st, we are encouraging community members who have Fortuna Bucks to use them in businesses big and small. Fortuna has more than 100 businesses that accept Fortuna Bucks as a currency.  FBID has been using them as a tool to promote shopping local and keeping your money in Fortuna.  FBID will be revamping a shop local campaign starting the beginning of the fiscal year in 2020. Who can redeem them? Community members that currently have Fortuna Bucks can redeem them. What are they? Fortuna Gift Certificates also known as “Fortuna Bucks”.  When can you buy them? They are no longer being sold. Community members have until June 30, 2020 to redeem or cash them out.  Businesses: How do I accept them? Fortuna Bucks (Fortuna Gift Certificates) spends AND deposits just like cash inside the city limits of Fortuna!!!! Fortuna businesses can accept the certificates as they would a $10 or $20 bill, give change back, and deposit for the full face value wherever they bank.  Businesses treat the certificates just as you would a traveler’s check, and thank the buyer for doing business in Fortuna! Look for the yellow “WE ACCEPT the Fortuna Gift Certificate” counter card to spend your Fortuna bucks now thru December 31, 2019. Questions about Fortuna Bucks (Fortuna Gift Certificates): Call the FBID office for general questions at 707-725-9261.​