How do I obtain a business license in Fortuna?
This can be done by filling out an application with the City of Fortuna at 621 11th Street. After approval by the Planning Division, the license will be issued by the Finance Department. City of Fortuna Planning Division

What is FBID?
The Fortuna Business Improvement District (FBID) is a California non-profit organization that operates under contract with the City of Fortuna with its mission to improve the business climate of Fortuna.  FBID is able to accomplish this through its four main functions: Promoting Fortuna's businesses and business community through public relations and advertising, Promoting Fortuna and Fortuna's businesses through community events, Providing information and education to Fortuna businesses, Assisting new and existing businesses in locating in Fortuna.

Is FBID part of the City of Fortuna?
No. But FBID couldn’t exist without an agreement between Fortuna’s business community and the City of Fortuna.  FBID was created by a city ordinance in 1990 that allows for a public private partnership between the businesses and the city.  FBID’s promotional; event and business recruitment activities are funded by an assessment on business licenses and a 100 percent match by the City of Fortuna.

Is FBID the Chamber of Commerce?
No. FBID is a Business Improvement District which has a complementary function to the Chamber.  FBID markets Fortuna’s Business Community to local consumers through advertising and public relations, assists community events to draw people to Fortuna, and markets to fill available commercial space.  For more on the Fortuna’s Chambers mission see their website (fortunachamber.com)

Is FBID the Downtown Business Association?
Yes and No.  No, because the Downtown Business Association has their own separate committees and officers.  Yes, because FBID represents all licensed businesses in Fortuna and serves them through a variety of means.  The Fortuna Downtown Business Association is a subgroup of FBID. Downtown businesses are part of an FBID “core” area that receives part of their assessment and city matching funds back for their own marketing purposes.  The Redwood Village Merchants Association is the other FBID “core” area with their own association.