With any information requests, or questions for the office:

Reach the FBID office and Coordinator Dianna Rios

directly by email:

You may also reach us by mail, fax or phone:

PO Box 1000
Fortuna, CA 95540
Tel 707-725-9261
Fax 707-725-0806

Or make an appointment to meet in person at our office:

Fortuna Monday Club Building
610 Main Street
Fortuna, CA 95540

Our current board of directors may be reached by email as well:
Erica Thompson, Professional/Service Director/Citywide Rep
Nico Kilmer, City Council Rep 
Brian Gonzalez, Retail Director/Downtown Rep
Stefanie McGrath,
 Professional/Service Director/Citywide Rep
Danny Kelley, Chamber of Commerce Rep

Cara Shepherd , Redwood Village Rep
Kalynn Dolcini, Hospitality Director
Jeremy Stanfield,  City Council Liaison